Ageism Awareness Day 2022

Oct 7 - Ageism Awareness Day is an opportunity to draw attention to the existence and impacts of ageism in Australia, which is a critical step to changing community attitudes and building a world where all people of all ages are valued and respected and their contributions are acknowledged.

‘Ageism: End It’

Ageism is a highly accepted form of prejudice in Australia and alarmingly on a global scale 1 in 2 people are ageist. That’s half of the world’s population that hold negative attitudes about ageing and older people. In Australia, we’re leading the world in learning how to end ageism, but we still have a long road ahead in changing social attitudes. We need to work together to combat ageism in Australia. Ageism is highly tolerated, but it shouldn't be. So, it’s time to say yes to ageing and no to ageism. It’s time to end ageism.

AAG was a founding member of the EveryAGE Counts national coalition to end ageism, and sits on the Campaign Steering Committee. We are a proud member of this diverse and growing coalition of organisations and individuals committed to achieving this important shift in the way we understand and experience growing older.

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