Our Purpose and Principles


To improve the experience of aging through connecting research, policy and practice.


  • Evidence-informed -  AAG's views are based on gerontologica research. practice knowledge and the experiences of older people
  • Multi-disciplinary and holistic - AAG puts older people's lives and eviorments at the centre of our work by bringing together those with interestes in all aspects of ageing research, education , policy and practice.
  • Independent - while acknowledging the informed contributions of different groups, AAG is not beholden to the interest of any profession, instituion, servise sector or interest group.
  • Collaborative - AAG brings togehter its members and key stakeholders to progress improvements in the expeience of ageing.
  • Fair - AAG is committed to promoting equity of access and outcomes for all olders people in Australia and internationally


AAG's Strategic Priorites 2020-2023 include four goals, each framing broad actions required to achieve them.

AAG Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

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Strategic Priorities

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