Steering Committee

‘Ageing is complex and AAG members possess expertise across the breadth of ageing and are well placed to identify and be responsive to the challenges and opportunities of increasing longevity.’  - Professor Linda Rosenman Chair of the AAG Research Trust Steering Committee.    

Steering Committee Overview 

AAG champions research in ageing and supports the work of leading and emerging researchers. The AAG Research Trust provides a specific opportunity to provide funding for strategic initiatives and for developing research capacity. Bringing together multi-disciplinary leaders in ageing, the AAG Research Trust formed its inaugural Steering Committee in December 2021 and appointment of Chair, Professor Linda Rosenman.

Steering Committee members will establish focus areas and grow grant-giving programs, opening the door for donors to fund high need and high impact research to help achieve the AAG Research Trust Purpose and Strategic Drivers 2020-2023. The Steering Committee was established by and reports to the AAG Board in its capacity as Corporate Trustee of the AAG Research Trust, which is a public ancillary fund with deductible gift recipient two status.

Areas of focus will identify and seed-fund knowledge development in areas of ageing that are not well addressed by current research funding and attract new and experienced researchers and practitioners to develop careers in the ageing field.

The Steering Committee also aims to raise funds for innovative research that crosses traditional, professional and disciplinary boundaries and that explicitly aims to change policy and practice in the broad space of ageing.

Steering Committee Members

Chair. AAG Research Trust Steering Committee

Professor Linda Rosenman GAICD

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Chair of the AAG Research Trust Grants Committee

Professor Julie Byles AO

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AAG Research Trust Steering Committee member & AAG Director of the Corporate Trustee

Dr Gill Lewin

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AAG Research Trust Steering Committee member & AAG Director of the Corporate Trustee

Susan Staples GAICD

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Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer

Renu Borst - BA (Management and Public Administration)

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Executive Officer - AAG Research Trust Officer

Catherine Stace

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