Elder Abuse SIG


The issue of elder abuse raises difficult ethical, legal and practice issues and awareness of the complexity of these issues is essential to appropriately respond to the abuse.

The activities of this SIG will be directed by the AAG values in particular relating to the promotion of human rights of older persons. This SIG will seek to provide a platform for academics conducting research in the area of elder abuse and practitioners working with situations of abuse on a regular basis to collaborate and network. The mission of this Elder Abuse and Neglect SIG is to improve the lives of older Australians affected by elder mistreatment.

The main objectives of the SIG are to:

  • To promote exchanges between members of the AAG who have an interest in research, advocacy and/or advancing knowledge and expanding awareness of elder abuse;
  • To be the main point of contact for the AAG for providing comment and advice when called on by the Government, media or as required by the AAG

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Terms of Reference

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Samantha Edmonds